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Never before posted in this section

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Relationship section is deeaddd and I mean dead. It's been over a year and no one posted about anything in relation to a relationship.

Are you all gay? I'd assume so.

So, I'm bored and just poppin the forums a bit yafeel.


My current relationship is with a girl I've known from highschool, been friends nearly 10 years probably. Only been dating over a year now.

But things are great, I got nothing to complain about. She has a kid, which at first I thought would be rough, but I've since grown close to her kid and nearly count him as my own.

His dad is one of those deadbeat dads, you know, typical. So, his lose I guess. This summer I plan to teach the kid (nearly 5 years old) many things.

From riding a dirtbike, to shooting guns, to building stuff (wood-working i guess), then if he's interested enough teach him how to use a computer.

Not to browse the web, but become a smart feller. I'm dumb in relation to things on a computer when you compare me to Matt's knowledge, but Matt's knowledge

in this field could score him a nice career in the future. Hoping to provide the kid with the tools to become computer-literate in the programming/developing field.

I feel that's important to learn in this day and age tbh. In short, just trying to provide the kid with knowledge that will keep him separate from your typical person/kid nowadays.


What I mean by that is, not dumb 7 stupid like 99% of people I know & see. I'm teaching him how to start & run businesses already.

My family's new business has been taking off really well so far and I'm trying to make him a part of that. Picking up product, helping us run markets, etc.

Teach him to be his own boss instead of an employee I think is important. To at least understand that.


So that's my summary & yes I'm bored today and we got some really sick shit coming to Ely in the next week & more so.. I'm not wasting time trust me.

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Damn I never actually saw this before. But that shits dope af man. Wish you and your family all the best my man. ❤️

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