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Daily GP Giveaway - 100M a DAY for 100 Days!

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Daily GP Giveaway by: Kari2


How Do I Enter?

Simple; be online daily between EST 5PM - 9PM and a random player will receive 100M gold!

Read below for more information.



During some of the largest & riskiest bets between Kari2 & Jordan, some 10B+ was won by the former.

After the betting conceded Kari decided instead of holding onto all this newly-found GP on his account

he wanted to give away all he won back to the community that has served him so well & here we are.



Every single day for next 100 days a random player online (yes, in-game) will randomly be selected to win!

This player will receive 100M in gold for simply being online & a player of this wonderful community.

The player will be randomly selected between EST 5PM - 9PM every single day (M, T, W, T, F, S, S).



This giveaway doesn't happen anywhere specific. It will be randomly rewarded to random players everyday

for simply being online on/at/between the time mentioned above.


Thank you for being a part of Ely & good luck!



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