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Recent Revamp

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Username (ingame): Gravity

Suggestion (short description): Buff/Tweak recent Rev Revamp

Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): To make revs a viable money maker/place of interest

Details (a more thorough explanation of the above):I know it just came out and the revamp is great a step in the right direction, but I think it needs to be tweaked abit if the point of doing so was to make them a viable money maker.

For one I don't believe certain emblems should be locked to certain revs. Any rev should be able to drop any emblem at any tier. Only the level of the rev should matter.The lower leveled ones should obviously have a smaller chance of getting the bigger ones and a higher chance at the smaller ones and vice versa.

Also the rarity of these I think needs to be changed.

I hard camped them for about 10 hours and didn't recieve a single emblem. I know RNG is a huge factor but I manged to get almost 10-15 weapon/armor drops and 10 brawling gloves and still didn't get one. And I was told that they were on similar rarity but it doesn't seem so as I hit that table a fair number of times. I was thinking about using the system similar to statuetes in RS 2012 where there were several different ones which were worth different values with the lowest being 35k i believe and the highest 5 or 10m. But the rarity of these were alot more common than you think because just about no matter what level rev you were killing, in about roughly 25 kills you could get a drop and that made going to rev worth while.


The "random" (common,uncommon,rare) drops need to buffed as well.

The rarity of which i saw "alchables" drop pretty much the same as a weapon drop, it wasn't even worth bring alchs with you because at most in a trip i would alch like 300k worth of items. And this would be well over 500-600 kills, and its not just because the drop rate was so high, it was only rune items so you weren't getting alot for them anyway. I could see why rune items would be in there but I think dragon items should be in there as well of course on a little bit of a higher rarity. You could make more doing theiving @ home or slayer.


The skilling item drops are a nice idea but I feel like there needs to be more items and more of them in terms of quantity.

(Apart from the magic seeds, dragonstone, and crystal keys which i think are fine).The skilling item drops are similar to the "alchables" in that they feel way more rare than they I feel they should be. Id say in about 150 kills i would probably get 1 addy bar drop and its only like 20ish bars which I could go camp avansies for that long and get way more bars in less time. The pure essence I feel like doesn't need to be on the rev drop table at all or nerfed abit. Pure essence is on just about EVERY NPC's drop table and its not even in any kind of demand not to mention its in unlimited stock on the grand exchange and I was recieveing this drop just about every other kill if not back to back.


The uncut diamond drop should be noted otherwise i don't see a point in this drop w/o having the amulet on. And after 10 hours I didn't get an amulet either so I assume its pretty rare which would make wearing it a big risk already on top of being skulled.


And i'm not sure if they are but the higher rarity emblems should be on the world drops so it adds that danger factor and the emblem trader should be moved to home or edgeville but not next to the cave. Another point of having the emblems/stats added into the game is that it gave pkers incentive to try and kill people for loot as they would drop these emblems and they could cash them in. But if the emblem trader is right next to the emblem they could just cash it in right there immediately with no risk. I'm not saying its hard to teleport out of the rev cave but there isn't much risk in having them be 0gp (always dropped on death) but have the trader right there so your probably never going to be caught in a situation where its on you and your about to lose it. But this is speculation as I have never recieved a drop so i don't know if theres like a delay or something.


In regards to the PvP items/armors, I think they need to be buffed but not like before. Now I do agree that they needed to be nerfed from what they were before but not this hard. At this moment they hold no value as they don't last very long at all. I believe the drop rate got increased which made they more rare but who would want to buy something that is going to break 30 minutes later. It probably wouldn't sell for much and considering the rarity people wouldn't want to camp revs as such. I think the corrupt items need to be buffed to lasting at least one hour WHILE WORN (not in combat) but their variants stats' should be nerfed and drop rate increased by about 5-7% so they aren't on par which non corrupt which makes getting non corrupt worth more. And non corrupt to atleast 8 IN COMBAT. I feel this would make them sought after not by everyone but by the people who would actually use it for what it was intended for, PvP combat. And it would give it a decent price value so even if you aren't someone who enjoys pking, you could sell it and make money for it,


An addition to the Forinthy Bracelet

This is a suggestion not related to the revamp but I think it would be a nice idea to add. It requires 74 crafting and holds 5 charges but I could also see it being added as a drop from a rev. What it does it grant Rev damage immunity for one minute and aggression for one hour. It doesn't have to be that long but I think it could be something to consider and could possible add a faster tele to the revenant cave on the bracelet as a bonus.

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Really really love seeing feedback this thorough, thank you Gravity.

You raise a lot of great points and I hope to take most of this into consideration with everyone else.



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You raise alot of good points. The main reason alot of these drops aren't as common as you'd like, is mainly due to damage control.

With there being so many items on the rev drop table, items are going to drop alot more frequently than their coded rate, So with that in mind, we made them lower than intended. We can now buff the underwhelming drop rates, without having to nerf ones that could have caused eco damage.

Any other drops you feel should be added / Removed please voice your opinions and we'll make sure we get around to reviewing them.

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