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The Ely Partnership Announcement

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An extremely exciting announcement coming from the Ely Team today.. a partnership.

This partnership welcomes the DogeScape team into Ely. Matt (the Owner & Dev of Doge),

Luke (another Owner of Doge) and Splash (a third and final Owner of Doge).


Why? What?


As many of you are aware, I am the Owner (and half-ass Developer at times) of Ely and Matt was our terrifically-skilled Developer.

This question has come to Matt and I's attention recently; why are we working on two separate projects simultaneously?

Running two projects requires a lot of time & dedication. There will be mishaps & overlook's occasionally. So we asked why in theory

run two "mediocre" server's instead of one great one? After long discussions and ironing out of the kinks, we've come to a final decision.

DogeScape (it's Owner's & Player's) will in a sense, merge into Ely. Sorry to say, we are not getting the drive-able cars, tanks or mini-guns.

However; what we are receiving is immensely more spectacular. The Team at Ely is expanding dramatically.


What does this mean for you?


The team at Ely expanding means most importantly; a much greater server, with more content & updates daily.

As a lot of you are aware, the OSRS Content has been in development for some time, and we've made immeasurable progress.

With the Team expanding, this means more people working to provide more high-quality content; faster.

This means more people covering more areas of Ely which has proved quite difficult for one or two people alone.

It means faster service & help to our player's, as well as previously mentioned; updates & a lot more.


What Roles will everyone fill & what's changing?



Myself; I will still be the Owner & trolling you in-game & Discord.

Matt, will now be an official Owner of Ely as well as remaining our Main Developer.

Splash will be filling the role of Content Creator & Developer.

Luke as well will be filling a role of Content Creator & Developer.


These are the only changes you will see which are immensely beneficial to our player's.

As a Team our main goal & focus is to bring Ely to new heights and provide the best possible RSPS-experience today.


What about the player's on DogeScape?


The loyal player's of DogeScape will have their experience & skills from DogeScape calculated into Ely's experience rates and receive them accordingly.

As far as their banks go, there isn't much we can do in that area considering the huge difference in economies on the two Server's.

However we are offering the DogeScape player's a handful of "Welcome" Mystery Box's & a few Super Mystery Box's to suffice.


What about the player's on Ely?


You have nothing to fear, this means nothing short of greatness & opportunity for you & the player's of DogeScape.

You are a vital part of this server; the life blood, per say. Our player's and the one's that have Donated have allowed

Ely to reach heights we could not have done without you. With this partnership, you can expect great updates &

an overall shift upward for Ely going forward. You are a growing part of this terrific server & it's community.


When will this & the changes be effective?


Right now. This post signifies the start of this partnership.


With all that said, I'd like now to welcome these two new individuals to Ely's Team! Their presence is welcome & make them feel at home!


A word from Splash & Luke:



What's up guys, It's Luke. For those of you that know me, I've been in this scene way too long. For those that don't, nice to meet ya. I've been involved in countless projects with Matt before the merge and with the merge I'm looking forward to taking on a new role. My primary focus will be to think up and design new content for the server, as well as eventually creating some brand new maps for you to all play on (boss dungeons/areas etc I'm thinking). Lation has a good thing going with the community side of things so I'm not going to intrude and will leave that all up to him. I'll also be working closely with Matt to help develop updates and with Splash to create new items for you all (when needed). Looking forward to making Ely the hottest server around!



Hello, I'm Splash. I've been around this community since early 2013 Zarpor days. Prior to the merge I was one of the Owners on Doge and created models for the server. I also created Greatoriax. I'll be joining as a Content Creator/Developer just like Luke and will be helping mostly with content updates and modelling new items for you all. Hope to see you in-game!


Thank you all for being a vital part of Ely & it's growth. Yes we've experienced some down time recently due to the time of year.

With these changes, expect some greatness in the coming future. We have huge marketing plans to get Ely on the TOP of these Toplist's.

We have some huge & amazing updates that are currently in the works as I write this & some long-term plans that'll be nothing short of amazing.

With all of us working together, you have a lot to look forward too. Thank you again, fam! I love ya'll

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Welcome dogescape. Looks like splash can take over for me making models so expect bigger things then a recoloured phat :rolleyes:

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Already made my post in a separate location however, glad to see y'all back in action, as well as making strides towards Ely's future

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