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Achievement Rewards

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Hey guys, as you all know we released completely reworked achievements a while back, but we've yet to release rewards for said achievements.

I know, it's been a while but to be completely honest with you, it's mainly because we have absolutely no idea what these rewards could be.


So what this thread is all about, is to ask you, the community for ideas on what you would like to see as rewards.

The rewards will be for each category completed - It would be nice if these rewards would somehow relate to the category but we're open to all suggestions, from items to perks and passive effects.

Let us know below what you would like to see!

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Untradeable cosmetics are always fun to work towards in my opinion. It’s cool to flex things that you actually have to try for

Another idea I had was to put like a $5 donation to your account after completing x amount of achievements. Probably no epoints, just the donation amount so they can access dz. gives a good goal for players who can’t afford to donate. This also opens up the world of donation perks to people and they might donate in the future. Not sure how well this would work, but thought it would be cool

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I've played a number of different games that use different tiers of rewards; so for example you have "universal" rewards for completing an achievement; but those with subscriptions or equivalent (in ELY's case, Donor status) also unlock an exclusive reward for being a donor.

So for example; you could have a reward of a unique cosmetic for completing a challenge that everyone would get for that challenge; however those with donor status also unlock a small cash prize on top of that.

It would incentivize players to donate and also complete challenges. Some games only use this additional reward on milestone challenges or exceptionally difficulty challenges etc.. for example, Fallout 76 has a season system that everyone can work through (but those with a subscription unlock additional rewards as they progress).


Just an idea.


But overall, untradeable useful items / cosmetics would be great to work towards and show off at the very least.

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  • Developer

Agreed with Boats it would be nice to get donor status without the EP. Finishing every single achievement could land you at 100 or even 250 total donated, it's A LOT to do. 


Rewards could be total donated to account per each set completed (Combat I, Combat II, Combat III, etc) and Achievement Reward Boxes awarded after completing each block of the set (Easy, Med, Hard, Elite). The number of boxes you get should depend on the difficulty of the block. I think it could be 3, 6, 9, 12 for each difficulty.  Personally I think the reward boxes should be tradeable depending on the contents.

There could be a cosmetic set that is unlocked where each General, Combat, Skilling and Minigames give you 1/4th of the outfit (Maybe a Master Questcape as the 5th item if you do every achievement and complete all quests)


Potential Achivement Reward Box Contents (rarity by color)

  • Gold 
  • SoF Spins
  • Crystal Keys
  • Agility Tickets
  • Clue Caskets
  • Vote Tickets
  • T 1-3 Well Ticket (A ticket to add 250, 500 or 1b to the well)
  • Rare Cosmetics (SoF, Seasonal, Achievements Specific?)
  • Insta Kill Darts 


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