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High Tier Item Exchange

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hey guys, something iv always thought would be a great idea is something that allowed us to leave items valued over the 2147m amount and above on offer for sale, also offers to buy items above the max cap. This would be very efficient and it is such a pain looking for that certain exclusive item or that anguish necklace and you dont know who to get one off ect. It would also allow us to make these exchanges whilst we are logged out just like the ge. I imagined even just a board set up at edge and once clicked it just opened an interface where you could place the items and set the amount, it would be good if we had the ability to set prices from 2147m - 10b as this covers the coast of the majority of items. 

I know its pretty out there but it would be a massive help and it would even possibly make some old items recirculate in the system.

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