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Patch Notes LXIX (#69) - New Discord Commands, Player Examine, Vote Party & MORE

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Well of Goodwill Addition & Adjustment


It's been just about 1 whole year since we released the Well of Goodwill and without any changes during that time.
We feel it is necessary to make adjustments to the Well's prices as well as add an additional feature.

The Well has ran for 11 months now at its current prices - 2B total for the Tier 3. As of today, we reduced that.

Tier I - 250M
Tier II - 500M
Tier III - 1000M

We believe the adjustment to the Well is warranted as the sheer amount of wealth removed from the game is
easily in the trillions - since release. Reducing the cost to activate we hope to encourage even more & continued
donations to the Well in exchange for the usual benefits, but cheaper!


Ever wondered how much has been donated to the Well? Or, how much has a specific player donated?
We will no longer wonder (we don't even know ourselves) as we added a Hiscores feature to the Well!


We are really excited to see who can claim the top 3 spots as time goes on!


Vote Party


The next exciting thing is something we called, Vote Parties!
As a new addition in your Quest Tab, the "Vote" category, you will now be able to see a total count of all votes in a 24 hour period.


You may also notice the new "Server Time" line - this is so everyone can know when a new day begins on Ely (Shop resets, etc).
Back to the Vote category though, the "Daily Votes" is the tally of all votes cast by all players in a 24 hour period.

Every time 100 votes have been completed, the server will throw a Vote Party!
Every player online will receive 3 FREE Cosmetic Mystery Boxes right into their Bank!

So, from 0 to 100, Vote Party! From 100 to 200, another Vote Party & so on.

Since this is the Cosmetic Mystery Boxes, this will include Ironman modes as well!
So now that you're reading this, the server has been reset, go & vote now! Let's get that first Vote Party!


New Player Examine


When examining a player in Ely it hasn't been very informative. Actually, very lacking.
So we've completely overhauled the player examine screen to be much more informative!

Remember, you can always toggle on or off your public examine in the Settings tab.



Discord Commands


Lastly for today, new Discord commands!


The new !wealth command allows you to see how much yourself, or another player is worth (examine value).
This command will not work on players who have their public examine turned off.

The last command is !kickme

It is difficult to provide any screenshots of this in action, however I'll explain it as best as I can.

If you suffer from client freezes, black screens, crashing or any of those plagues, this command is for you.
As long as you have a linked Discord account, you can now kick yourself! No longer need a Moderator+.

Let's say your client freezes & your in mid-combat. Then follow these steps:

1. Close your client
2. Type !kickme in the Discord

As long as you have a linked account, your account will be sent home & kicked offline so you can relog & hopefully not die.
No promises are made that this will work 100% of the time, but we hope this at least has some beneficial value to you.

Lastly, this command will not work if you are in the Wilderness, so keep that in mind.

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You guys keep surprising me with more and more small stuff that has a huge effect on the game but they're barely visible.

Since I've been back I've been really enjoying these frequent updates this is amazing.

Me likey ❤️

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