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Ely's Home Map

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Ely Home Map





Icons on the map and what they mean


sawmillicon.png.6d4c0feb31615bd57acd9844d3e268bd.png  - Sawmill - Construction supplies, plank making

House_portal_icon.png.3b1e304e3ec5362c8f7e2c8aaeff51b0.png  - PoH Portal - Takes you to your house / firends house

Estate_Agent_icon.png.aa88b420cd33256979762cff4eca99e1.png - Estate Agent - Buy your house here

General_store_icon.png.3ca8afaeb906a575a0be98928adf2dea.png  - General Store

kebabshop.png.c3dee1e1861fbb5be0bcc5a3c66a1265.png  - Food and Potions store

Pet_shop_icon.png.cbf868e218e061c851793f4dfc4cb3a9.png  - Pet Manager - Reclaim your pets here (when you release a pet it goes to this npc)

scoreboardforums.png.7f78ffd6d85fbaef269a2867e26297ad.png - Scoreboard -  Shows the current leader board for boss kills

Summoningforums.png.2d82e34761fd321226f023b5442760f2.png  - Summoning Store / Training (You can also use ::tele summ to train)

Prayer.png.0151ac972e3a617aa50cc0dd07d64d24.png - Father Aereck, manages gravestones

Thievingforums.png.ee6be0687bcbae9512995e8a94f70301.png  - Thieving Stalls

Dungeoneering-iconforums.png.f363c2e31b1ddfa66db2f801809a7f72.png  - Dungeoneering tutor - Reclaim your ring of kinship here

star-outline-filledforums.png.75a090187a0a68f2ed95755b4fdc8853.png  -  Mandrith - Manages loot beam

Furnace_icon.png.7fdd7f8a9b5481b47bce11f190c773e2.png - Furnace

Anvil_icon.png.a7f928e1c7b56d848fa97d6fd2caeacb.png - Anvil

Grand_Exchange_icon.png.bc3a17d395d33fb05113146b06785a76.png - Grand Exchange

Bank_icon.png.4dfd26beda8844151265b9dcf5c96edd.png  - Bank

Circus_ticket_detailforums.png.e14478750ed86f81dfbcbc034c68e22b.png  - Vote Shop

296255551_Holiday_event_icon(1).png.766b7aa043f928259d44286c9450aa35.png  - Diango / Donator store - Where you can claim your untradeables that you've lost

Combat_training_icon.png.bb0de42046189fd62a9c45862d598538.png - Max hit & DPS Dummy

Corruption_auraforums.png.752c96202b87808ce389076400dd15a5.png  - Aura and Title shop

Slayer_Master_icon.png.860e2013c58c105a382e073a82ba41cc.png  - Slayer Master

Nurse_hatforums.png.254a9a4c9c7d6529cd07e8d980758fee.png  - Nurse - Heals your hp and stats

crystalchestforums.png.3fa69d0d9fead3313b29f4572f2ac0ed.png  - Crystal Chest

Guam_potion_(unf)forums.png.eb9079a15289929f7124b33e808276fd.png  - Potion Decanter

Rare_trees_icon.png.b9e7e9b17bf8f70beecccc135c4491ce.png - Ivy by the bank wall / Yews to the south

well.png.5f2a5eb756972eb7d872a81a93e1dec3.png - Well of Goodwill - Donate gp / items to receive XP-Boost and Droprate-Boost

fire.png.f32eb40accd4700c0332493f202bd523.png - Eternal Fire at home

runespanforums.png.0b62e899f69e623d4648717d3f4aadbf.png - Wizard Distentor - Takes you to runespan

Makeover_Mage_icon.png.953558c1715a772f3dd2eea58c8d414a.png - Makeover mage - Changes your characters appearance

Altar_icon.png.c3906e05a16808175e2ee1490d279d57.png -  Altars - Chaos Altar to switch prayers & spellbook and regular altar to offer bones

Hunter_training_icon.png.1bda88d5e28ceda47dc8ff17af9e4b40.png  - Hunter Shop

Sword_shop_icon.png.b8fcf18581b25e8430148b4cd8d66759.png  - Combat gear & Essentials shop / PK store

Fishing_shop_icon.png.1caf691474cc69efbc023d92ab8c08b3.png  - Skilling Store (Obli) - Skilling supplies & Skilling gear

Axe_shop_icon.png.df05ec0f18b56b1a8e258a79220ca714.png  - Bobs axes - He fixes your nex / barrows gear

Herbalist01.png.84868e05687446bd550a4267a59be66f.png  - Sanfew - Herblore secondaries

Archery_shop_icon.png.8810b5c8fbb5b954b8fb9d6047147631.png  - Range store

Magic_shop_icon.png.309faca5c4b1937533303684a0b6e71f.png  - Magic store

botforums.png.b211fc1ef7984247842c3d9833a9daae.png - Bot control panel, where you can summon your bot

Dungeon_icon.png.753a3919c546aeb40e97d320ba3f81bd.png - Edgeville Dungeon


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Remade the entire map and made it bigger

Moved the altar icon to it's new spot

Added a few missing icons

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